ISBN: 9781621366805

Agedah, Dickson


Why has such a small nation and its people--Israel and the Jews--been the target of so much hatred, for so long?

Todays alarming headlines from the Middle East, and tomorrows trajectory for the region, cannot truly be understood without knowing its complicated history.

Israel has been planted as a flag, pointing the world to God.

Weaving together biblical and human records, Dickson Agedah brings fresh light on the religious, political, and military roots of the ongoing unrest centered on the land of Jesus birth. Behind the enmity to the Jewish people and their homeland, he explains, is an all-out spiritual effort to thwart Gods plan for the world.

A review of Israels tortuous and turbulent history reveals and verifies the covenant that God has with His people--an immutable promise extending to all peoples. And while sobering and surprising, this study offers an inspiring message of hope in the sure fulfillment of Gods eternal victory and restoration.